John Wheeler is an acupuncturist in south west London and a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). In his practice he always seeks to form a compassionate and healing rapport with patients, offering effective medical care and self-care through patient education.

He works in private practice specializing in fertility and sees many conditions in his clinic. He also works as an acupuncturist for a government-funded project with addicts with addiction related issues and illnesses such as hepatitis and HIV. He has taught auricular acupuncture in various workshops and for Zita West’s acupuncture fertility network.

After originally working as an operating theatre nurse in the NHS and the private sector, John decided to follow his passion for Chinese medicine and graduated with honours at the University of Westminster in acupuncture. John has also trained in auricular acupuncture specializing in treating addictions and psycho-emotional problems. He currently works in the NHS and in the field of addiction as an acupuncturist. He also teaches auricular acupuncture to undergraduate students, full body acupuncturists and to those working in the field of addiction.

John has also completed postgraduate studies in Chinese cosmetic acupuncture and has a special interest and success in treating infertility. He has also practiced Qi Gong for the last eight years and is a student of Hsing I Chuan. John has also studied shonishin, Japanese paediatric acupuncture which uses a non-needle technique which can treat babies as well as young children.

Personal Comment

Although acupuncture is a very ancient system of medicine, it has a real place in 21st century treatment. As a system on its own, acupuncture creates the space for health and a feeling of well-being. However, the role of acupuncture alongside conventional medicine is also very impressive, and I strongly believe in the integration of both western and Chinese medical systems wherever appropriate.